Amnesia Later

I’ve always been a great Amnesia fan and my expectations for Amnesia Later were very high: I was excited to find out what happened after all the events of the first game, and I wanted to see how much the characters matured and changed in the meanwhile!

I also wished I could enjoy more the routes, without crazy girls and cages.

“New World” is a story which happens in another alternative world, and I liked this atmosphere a lot, because the heroine acted more confident and she finally looked more relaxed; she deserved some happiness, poor girl!

“After story” is basically a sequel, which starts after the main game’s ending.

I’ve played Toma first, because his route was the craziest and also the more interesting to me, so I was really curious to see how much he changed. Would he still be a yandere, without a real danger around her?

Well…. he was kind of creepy again, in my opinion.

He apologized so many times, and I could see he was honestly sorry about drugging and locking her in that cage; but in the end, I couldn’t really trust him when he swore he was doing that just to save her from those crazy girls.

I keep thinking he also acted like that because he wanted to have the heroine all for himself, without sharing her with anyone else. Also, why did he keep the cage in the veranda? I think he was secretly hoping to use it again in the future, or at least he was fantasizing about it!

Let’s say I forgive him (and it took me a lot of time and effort), but I still can’t trust him completely.

Kent’s route was very good, it showed a huge improvement from the first game!

He started from being like a robot without feelings, who didn’t even console the heroine when her dog died (how could he be so insensitive back then?! That scene, still makes me angry), but I could really see he changed, in Amnesia Later.

He still had problems in understanding her needs, but it was obvious that at least he was trying his best to make her happy.

I only have a complain: this route felt too short!

I honestly wanted to see more of their cute moments, and more beautiful London scenes.

Shin was…. the usual Shin, I guess.

It’s not a secret, I don’t like him: I swear I tried, but in my eyes he’s not even a tsundere… he’s just rude. I’m sorry, I don’t find him cute when he calls her “baka” and he treats her like a stupid, every single time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any change in his attitude, from the first game: he was still too aggressive, he looked like a typical teenager who can’t control his hormones and forces his girlfriend to do stuff she isn’t ready for.

I usually dislike too innocent heroines, but this time I honestly sympathized with her: I admit she was always too naive and pure, but that’s not a reason to be so disrespectful.

For the whole time, I kept thinking: if you’re so different, just broke up! you can’t be together like this, it’s obvious!

They know each other from childhood days, I think they should easily understand how they are not compatible. She’s looking for a boyfriend who wants to hold hands with her and take a walk in a park, while he just wants to be alone with her………… they will just keep arguing forever.

Ikki’s route was AMAZING.

I can’t describe how much I loved every single moment, I can safely say this was one of the best route I’ve ever played in my life!

I’ve always liked him, but everything was perfect this time.

He was caring, loving, patient, sexy, romantic… he’s all a girl could wish for! (at least, for me, I couldn’t ask for more!).

Every moment was precious, from the good morning kiss to the sexy times at night.

I should quote too many lines to make you understand my feelings, and I obviously can’t, so I just stop here and leave this discovery to you.

Enjoy happiness!

I’ve played Ukyo last, as always.

I had the greatest expectations, because I was really curious to know how he really is…. but I was disappointed. There weren’t memorable scenes, it was boring most of the time!

I just wished to share happy moments with him, instead of talking about sad stuff like “I died so many times for you, I wanted to see you happy”.

I know it’s supposed to be romantic, but…let’s forget about it and move on please, show me who you are! Let’s enjoy ourselves, suffering is over now!

In the end, I still couldn’t understand if I like him or not.

Would I recommend this?

Obviously! It’s a must play for everyone who loved the first Amnesia, it allows you to go deeper into the characters and understand them more.

I could forgive Toma, love Ikki, appreciate a nice Kent, meet again the crazy side of Ukyo… Shin was there too, nevermind. (I’m sorry to his fans, but I really can’t)

It’s a must play!

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