This is a short review of the drama cd I got from the preorder of Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden.

It was very short, but also funny. Enjoy!

The scene starts with Reiji scolding his brothers and telling them about their terrible situation: they have no more money, only 10000 yen is left! they need to survive for a month with only this little amount.

Kanato starts crying loudly.

Where can they cut expenses? On the electricity? On hot water? Maybe they shouldn’t bath for a while…

Laito proposes to ask for help, but Reiji answers that he couldn’t get in touch with anyone in Eden.

Then, they start arguing about the use of the remaining money.

Reiji decides they should stop using their smartphones, while Shuu says they could take showers at school instead.

Then, they think about Mukami: how is their situation? They probably have no problems, maybe they will lend them some money.

So, the brothers decide to go to Mukami’s mansion.

Meanwhile, Shin confesses to Carla that he lost his wallet, with all their money…. so there’s nothing left. They can’t survive until they receive something more, they must do something to solve this problem!

Should they get them from Sakamaki or Mukami?

Carla thinks about Kou immediately: he’s an idol, he must be rich.

The only solution is going to Mukami’s mansion.

They all have hopes about Mukami, but no one knows what’s happening at their mansion.

Ruki is really angry: he’s looking at that month’s expenses and he noticed that Kou wasted all their money! There’s almost nothing left.

Yuuma asks Kou how he could spend so much without even realizing; whatever it was, he can return it to the store and have his money back.

But there’s a huge problem: Kou bought an expensive watch, but……….. he gave it as a present to a younger coworker. He can’t take it back.

The only amount left is 10000 yen and they have to survive a whole month.

That moment, someone knocks at the door: it’s obviously Tsukinami and Sakamaki.

They talk about the situation, blaming each other, but…… there’s nothing to do about it.

Ayato doesn’t accept it: Shin’s wallet is still somewhere, they have to find it.

Laito proposes to search it together and then share the money.

Carla doesn’t agree: it’s Tsukinami’s money, they don’t need to share!

So, they decide to look for it separately: who finds the money, can keep it.

Reiji and Ruki stay behind, sighing: their plan failed.

They wanted to compete and see which family could live one month with just 10000 yen, but their brothers are too greedy.

In the meantime, the other vampires are desperately looking for Shin’s wallet.

Kino meets them and he’s envious: they get along pretty well.

Yuuma explains him the situation, and allows him to join.

Ayato has a better idea: Kino should lend them some money instead!

But Kino refuses, even if Subaru begs him and Kanato tells him that brothers should help each other.

They all start to argue again: what if there are no money left from Eden? If they are destined to be poor? Kou must make more money, he’s an idol!

But Kino laughs and reassures them: he explains about a “10000 monthly yen competition”, which has 300000 yen as a price for the winner.

Azusa remembers he saw Ruki reading something like that, which means…. Reiji and Ruki planned everything without telling them!

Kanato gets angry: it was all a lie then?!

Sakamaki brothers go home, angry as hell.

They understood everything and start immediately yelling at Reiji: he was trying to trick them! It was all a lie from the start!

Reiji tries to deny it, but he can only run away.

Mukami go back home too, but they are not angry: Kou admits he was wrong too, he always spends too much.

Ruki proposes to use the prize to go out and eat something good together.

He apologizes, but his brothers promise to manage better their money.

In the meanwhile, the Tsukinami are still looking for Shin’s wallet!!