This is Laito’s chapter of the More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the prologue, which shows the first appearance of Mukami, I suggest you to read that first!

While Yui is taking a bath, she hears a familiar voice calling her “bitch chaaaan”, and she realizes Laito is in the room too; she’s obviously embarrassed and she tells him he shouldn’t enter as he pleases.

She imagined something like that could happen, so she is wearing her swimsuit.

When she refuses to let him enter the bath, he starts laughing: women who reject him, make everything funnier.

Since she chose Laito to protect her from Mukami, he’s following her around everywhere; but it doesn’t mean she feels safer, since everything he does is sucking her blood at school, making her embarrassed and worried. But yet, she can’t stop being interested in him.

Why can he say: “I love you” so easily?

One day, Yui meets Kou at the library.

Why is she alone? isn’t she scared of Mukami after all?

Then, with a sweet smile on his face, he asks her if she wants to be sucked by him.

When she refuses, Kou giggles. Does she listen only to her master’s requests? Laito is sucking her blood a lot, for sure…

Yui is getting angry: she’s not a dog or a slave.

Then, Kou asks her if Laito is her boyfriend. But he’s not, isn’t he? He’s just playing with her, having fun with his prey. Then, he can suck her too.

But Laito interrupts him.

He didn’t come to stop him tho: he’s just curious to see how Yui will react to his fangs.

Kou asks Laito if he can steal Yui from him then; Laito replies that it would be a problem: he enjoys playing with her and doesn’t want to get bored. He proposes to have fun together instead.

Yui obviously refuses.

Kou gets really angry at Laito, accusing him to be a spoiled rich boy, who can obtain everything he wants. Laito can’t deny it: when it comes to have fun, everyone is good for him; honestly, he’s bored of Yui now, but her blood is the best.

Yui’s hear breaks: she realizes her only value is her blood.

When Laito says “I love you”, he doesn’t mean it at all. But still, she likes him.