I don’t know why it took me so long, since I was pretty excited to play Lover Pretend, when it was released; but its moment finally has come, I won’t wait any longer since I’m afraid to see spoilers everywhere when it gets localised. Let’s get into it!

The heroine, Chiyuki, is a 20 years old college student who wants to become a script writer, as her late mother; she was raised up without knowing her father’s name, who apparently was a famous person and couldn’t risk a scandal. Her mother never revealed his identity, but there are still some clues to reach the truth: probably, he was someone who worked on a drama scripted by Chiyuki’s mother in those months before her birth, called “Pretend to Love”. Was he the director? An actor?

Fate gave her a huge chance: she can work as assistant for a movie, where children of famous actors are gathered together; what if someone is her half-brother?!

This game looks really colorful and funny, even if the premise is serious; but the common route was enjoyable and without any kind of drama, so I’m curious to see if it will get deeper in individual routes, with some kind of random tragedy to drive the plot.

I’ll go for Kazuma’s route first: he’s the heroine’s childhood friend, outgoing and caring, so it seemed the safest choice; or maybe he’s hiding something, beyond his carefree appearance? We’ll see.

The guy who mostly got my interest so far is actually the famous actor, Riku: he seems serious, hardworking and with a nice personality, but I guess he has family issues, so I can already imagine some drama will happen.

Well, each dateable guy has some kind of problem with his father and could be Chiyuki’s step brother, which means there are probably landmines to avoid.

I’m not much interested in Harumi, his attitude annoys me a bit: he’s too often surrounded by girls who claim to be his official fanclub or something like that, but they are basically stalking him and telling him what to do with his life (hating potential girlfriends and such). I wonder why he can’t just tell them to shut up, why is he so weak? Maybe I’ll change my mind while playing his route, but so far I’m not intrigued.

Yukito is the typical flirty guy who thinks he can get every woman he wants, but I have this feeling that he’s actually smarter than he appears; I think I’ll like him more, when we’ll get closer and he will show his true personality.

I didn’t want to spoil myself so I’m not sure Eichiiro will be playable, but I guess so.

He’s a young scriptwriter and Chiyuki’s teacher, a reliable person who seems soothing and mature.

If he’s the secret route, he’s probably hiding something important.

Well, that’s my first impression of Lover Pretend, after playing about 4 hours; some people told me this game bored them at some point, but so far I can say it’s really enjoyable, there’s nothing for me to complain: the art looks good, the guys are likable, the heroine is ok, the plot is thin but it still works, I’m curious to find out who’s her father.

I hope I’ll keep this opinion until the very end!