My favorite characters voiced by Suzumura

Ken’ichi Suzumura is the first seiyuu who made me fall in love, back in the old days when I didn’t know otome games existed: he was the first “voice” which got my interest, enough to make me search more about him and his roles.

To celebrate his talent, these are my favorite characters he voiced!

Tomose, Charade Maniacs

A mature and serious childhood friend, who has been in love with you since forever.

Shizuru, Nil Admirari no tenbin

He’s a famous writer, who loves to play around with girls.

Tsubasa, Starry Sky

He represents the sign of Aquarius; he likes to make weird experiments and inventions, which mostly end up exploding!

Chou’un, Jyuuzaengi

A prince charming: loyal, respectful and romantic, you’ll feel protected and loved.

Masato, Uta no prince sama

Masato is probably Suzumura’s most famous character, I don’t think there’s anyone here who hasn’t heard about Utapri; he’s a stoic and responsible guy, who becomes really cute when he shows his tsundere side!

Tsubaki, Brothers Conflict

Last but not least, Tsubaki! If I’m still playing otome games after years, it’s his fault: I fell in love so hard when I watched the anime, that all I could think about was him; I had his pics everywhere and I started learning kanji just to understand the game. Even if he’s not my favorite character anymore, I have a strong attachment to this naughty brother and I’ll forever be grateful that he made me fall into otome games hell!

What do you think about Suzumura and his characters? Is there another character you love?

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