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New year, new start!

Hello everyone, are you enjoying the Christmas mood? Or are you a tired retail worker like me, who wonders if it’s actually possible to survive through Christmas hell?

As promised, I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about my blog’s future, to decide if it should change or just stay on hiatus until my will of playing otome games eventually comes back.

I’ve considered many ideas and changed my mind a few times, but I came to a decision.

This place is focused on otome games, but it also contains my random life updates, since it’s been also some kind of diary for me; sharing my opinions and feelings in general is the reason why it was opened, it never meant to be some kind of objective, serious review site.

Everything here is about my taste and my personal opinions, regardless of the content.

So, why excluding kpop, if it’s what entertains me the most lately?

If I’d wait for my gaming mood to come back, this blog could be on hiatus for months, maybe even years or forever, since I can’t obviously predict when I’ll start playing daily as I used to.

So, here’s what I decided to do.

The blog’s name, header and main tags will stay exactly the same: if someone is looking for a review or a TOP10, they will have no problem in finding everything. This is my blog’s main purpose and it won’t change.

I’ll create a separate tag for my kpop posts; it will be used like the “personal stuff” tag, which already exists, for people who may be interested in my other hobbies or my life.

I still have some half written otome reviews and opinions, which I may decide to share if I think they can be useful.

For the new content I’d like to bring, I have many ideas, but little time as always; my main goal would be to write at least a couple posts every month, talking about my favorite kpop comebacks or debuts! There’s always a lot going on in the kpop world and I enjoy sharing my opinions, I could even come up with a weekly recap, but it depends on the free time I get next year.

Don’t expect something great, if you’re a long time reader of mine, you already know that my posts are not polished like I was some kind of expert: it’s just me blabbering, as if we were just friends chatting about our hobbies.

My plan starts with my personal kpop awards, then I’ll probably write about my favorite groups, songs, shows and my expectations for 2023. I’ll probably write about my 2022 too, as I always did in the past when a year is about to reach its end.

If somehow this could interest you, come here from time to time! Any comment or suggestion are highly appreciated: this blog is not only mine, I feel like it kinda belongs to my readers too.

Take care!


Life updates, blog concerns and maybe a new start


A nostalgic post and important stuff before I officially start blogging about kpop


  1. Esse

    Hey, nice to know you’re back!

    Tbh I think you should post whatever you want on your blog, though I might be biased because I really like kpop too, but similar to you, I don’t really follow them all that much and am just kinda getting back to them, because of nostalgia and a very hectic current lifestyle. But as a longtime reader(/ lurker) of your blog, I really miss your writing style and your opinions and I think it’s worth having them here, even if it’s not your original goal for this blog. I’m no expert, but worst case, you can migrate it right? 😛

    I am eagerly awaiting your posts! 🙂

  2. otomeland

    Hello! ^^ I’m glad my new posts could still interest you, I was worried my readers would be disappointed about this sudden change of topic, but apparently I was just overthinking… now I feel really motivated! I’ll start tagging my kpop posts separetely and if this new situation continues for a few months, maybe I’ll consider migrating or making important changes, it all depends on the updates I can write and the reaction of my readers to this change.
    I’ll decide as time goes by, in the meanwhile you can expect a new post on Christmas probably!

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