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Otome games Artists appreciation post!

Can you imagine an otome game without beautiful CGs?

There are many great artists who bless us with their amazing talent, so it’s time to thank them in a post! I won’t even rank my preferences this time, I just want to show my appreciation for their hard work.

1- Usuba Kageroo

Her most famous work is probably the Wand of Fortune series, but don’t forget Reine Des Fleurs.

I can’t wait for Variable Barricade!

2- Satoi

She worked on many popular titles, from Diabolik Lovers to Nil Admirari, OzMafia! and Re:Birthday/Un:birthday song.

3- Kazuki Yone

Worldwide famous for illustrating Hakuouki, she also worked on Kamigami no Asobi.

I hope Koroshiya to Strawberry will be great too!

4- Kawahito Yasutake

He worked on successful series like Storm Lover and Klap!, I hope to see his new works soon in a new game!

5- Kuroyuki

She is vastly famous for Black Wolves Saga and Period Cube, but she also worked on Gekka Ryouran Romance, an underrated game I personally enjoyed a lot!

6- Hanamura Mai

Who has never heard of Amnesia and Collar Malice? She’s one of my favorite artist!

7- Miko

She has blessed us working on many games, from Code Realize to Toki no Kizuna and Moujuutsukai to Ouji sama. Her art keeps getting better every game!

8- Teita

Mostly famous for illustrating the Norn9 series, she also worked on Juuzaengi and Nightshade.

Don’t miss Charade Maniacs!

Making a complete list of otome game artists would be almost impossible, but at least I wanted to celebrate some of them. Who’s your favorite?


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Usuba Kageroo, Kazuki Yone and Kawahito Yasutake :3

    • otomeland

      Great taste! I tried so badly to be interested in Wand of Fortune, just for Kageroo’s art, but I couldn’t handle that annoying system… I regret it so much! I hope Variable Barricade will be great, we’ve been waiting for so long!

  2. Elli

    Reine Des Fleurs is an amazing game in terms of art I heard terrible things about the game itself thought also diabolik lover and Nil Admirari are just amazing so much love to all artists since they are so talented !

    • otomeland

      Reine des fleurs wasn’t bad for me, obviously the person who decided to put 40 bad endings needs to get fired immediately, but so did Wand of fortune’s programmer, so…………… I suggest you to try Reine des Fleurs anyway, I enjoyed it a lot!

      There are many other artists who deserved to be included in this list, we are really blessed!

  3. Wrym

    I approve of every single artist mentioned here in this post ! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and are able to rest, destress, and be happier once you come back!

    • otomeland

      I came back just yesterday, I really had a great time! be ready for a lot of new posts coming up! 😉

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