Hello everyone, the time has come!

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the mountain, to a lonely and relaxing place.

I’m done with the annoying stuff I had to do for my job, so I’m finally free to take my time to recover and recharge; these last months have been exhausting mentally.

The place where I’m staying is isolated and there aren’t many tourists, so there won’t be free Wi-fi everywhere; this means I probably won’t be able to update my blog for about 2 weeks or even more.

I hope I’ll be able to check out twitter from time to time, at least it should work on my phone.

Feel free to contact me on twitter or Whatsapp if you want to talk (since some of my friends already have my contact there and it’s a lot easier for me to check out!), it would make me happy! 🙂

Knowing I won’t be able to use internet so freely almost scares me, we live in a society that makes the word accessible in a minute and the idea of not knowing what happens outside that little city makes me a bit scared but also excited.

I’ve always wanted to try living for a while without being a slave of social networks, Youtube and stuff like that; being able to focus on myself, instead of checking my phone all day, will be an interesting experience.

I’m going to travel across Italy, it will take me about 9 hours to get there and I feel tired just thinking about it… it will be like experiencing a different country, since the lifestyle in that town is completely different from mine; they barely speak Italian, because most of the people there are very old and only speak their dialect, which I obviously don’t understand. I hope my boyfriend will rescue me! The food is going to be great, south Italy’s pizza is nothing like the typical pizza I’m used to eat in the north.

I’m going to get fat for sure, but who cares!

Stay happy and healthy, see you soon!