Otome games’ anime adaptations are usually criticized for various reasons: most of the times the plot doesn’t make sense to people who haven’t played the original game, since there are too many cut scenes and a low budget.

Are there some series worth watching? here’s my opinion, from the worst to the best adaptation!

10- Dynamic Chord

This is the perfect example of “everything gone wrong”: it was so low budget, it made me feel embarrassed whenever I tried to watch it.

I wish it was a case of “so bad, so good”, but it was so terrible I couldn’t even laugh at it, it was just cringey. Those animations still haunt my dreams and forever will.

If you haven’t seen it and you think “come on, it can’t be THAT bad!” go check it out because it’s even worse that your worst imagination! I’m not even kidding, I wish I was.

9- Norn9

Being able to handle 3 heroines and 9 boys was already a difficult task for the game, so it’s not surprising if it was even harder to adapt in the anime.

I think it was basically impossible to understand what was going on for those who haven’t played the game before watching and it was kinda disappointing even for the fans.

8- Amnesia

Since I watched the anime before playing, I was confused all the time: is she dying for random reasons? Why does she put herself in dangerous situations without thinking?

I guess it’s hard to mix the routes together and give some screen time to every character, but it looked too forced and the poor heroine seemed kind of stupid.

Amnesia is one of my favorite series and this anime wasn’t able to portray the atmosphere and emotions you feel while playing.

7- Dance with Devils

Emo liar, anyone? The Pomeranians’ choir? Demons singing while fighting? there was everything you can imagine in your wildest dreams.

Those scenes were so trash, it was epic and unforgettable. It was that kind of trolling that made me laugh until I cried, instead of being disappointed or angry.

6- Nil Admirari

Since I was deeply involved with the plot, while I was playing, I was happy to see how the anime adaptation managed to make it understandable and enjoyable.

Hayato is the main character, but I think every guy had some romantic or cute scenes, which were nicely added without making the heroine look like a cheater; I liked her relationship with everyone.

5- Brothers Conflict

This is a simple story, even too basic probably, but all the characters are really charming in a different way. It was the anime that made me fall into otome games hell, so I’m terribly biased, but I’d still recommend it to someone who wants to enjoy a funny anime with good looking guys desperate for their sister’s love.

4- Code Realize

It’s an heartbreaking story about self development, growth and love.

Cardia is a great heroine: strong yet fragile, determined but also scared… we can all understand her pain and struggle.

This anime focuses on her relationship with Lupin, which is obvious since the game is very biased too; it may end up being frustrating for those who prefer other characters, but overall I think this adaptation was enjoyable. Some parts may be difficult to understand for those who haven’t played the games, but overall I’d recommend watching it.

3- Utapri

I won’t lie, I’m not a great fan of the games (I’ve played 5 of them, and I was never completely satisfied), but the anime made me laugh like crazy and entertained me with catchy song.

I love the boys and it was amazing seeing their personal and professional growth; they started as strangers with various complexes and became a group of great friends and talented idol.

This is mostly true for Starish, but don’t forget how Quartet Night changed for the better too.

It’s funny and inspiring at the same time!

2- Meiji Tokyo Renka

When I was playing Meiji Tokyo Renka, I always hoped it could become an anime, one day: there’s an interesting setting, crazy characters and funny scenes, what else can you ask for?

It was so surreal, I couldn’t even imagine most of the boys as possible love interests; at some point, I started considering it an amazing comedy game with additional romance, which is exactly the same vibe I got from the anime.

It’s been a long time since I laughed so much at the nonsense, it was truly a blessing.

I highly recommend every otome fan to watch it!

1- Hakuouki

I think it was a great adaptation, despite being so obviously Hijikata-centered.

The game itself is plot driven, so I guess it was easiest to follow the most “important” route; but I don’t think it was a bad choice, since the story is enjoyable even for people who haven’t played the games. I’d recommend it to everyone who enjoys historic settings and tragedies, cause it made me cry a lot of times.

Do you watch anime adaptations? What’s your favorite?