Hello everyone!

I’m done with my first Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse route, so I’m back writing my feelings so far about this game.

I started with Quat first, because I’m too weak to blond guys with green eyes; I probably should have followed a different route order, but I guess I didn’t make a huge mistake; some other routes look way more spoilerish, or maybe they are even locked, I don’t know.

Anyway, please don’t be like me and go with the official order!

Let’s talk about our boy first: he’s a doctor, in charge of his own clinic in the city; his attitude is annoying, he’s always mean to Latchia for no reason and he seems difficult to approach.

But I didn’t come here to have cute dates, let’s face the struggle right from the start!

Overall, I admit I was pretty disappointed by this route, I felt like something was lacking; I can’t really tell what’s the problem, maybe I’ll find out while playing other characters.

Somehow, it felt too long and it didn’t manage to keep my interest high for hours, I was barely curious to see the ending and it left me kinda meh as well.

If you’ve read my first impression post, you may remember that I was wondering if the time loop becomes annoying after a few times: the answer is yes, at least in this route.

Even if having the chance to go back in time as much as I want is cool, since I can make mistakes, die and start again, it gets to the point when the heroine randomly meets the guy and just straight up tells him that she knows he’s a murderer, his family secrets and all; this makes it weird, I’m not developing a relationship with the same person, but with another “him” in a different timeline, before he kills her.

Well, it’s hard to explain my feelings, I hope you kinda get my struggles.

I also repeat similar situations again and again, a bit differently since the heroine has more knowledge of what’s actually going on, but I have to regain his trust from the start; being killed by a love interest so many times is not funny, even for me.

I admit it, at some point when Latchia started working with him for the 2nd time, I lost my interest in their interactions, I could imagine what was going to happen anyway.

I was expecting way worse CGs, but the derpyness level was acceptable, it didn’t ruin my enjoyement; I mean, I didn’t enjoy this route much anyway, but it wasn’t the art’s fault.

Rudel will be worse for sure, but I’m not in the mood to continue Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse now.

I want to go back to Piofiore1926 a bit: there were only 2 routes left and I’ve been dragging it since May, I guess it’s time to complete it for real.

See you soon, next time with a TOP10! Or probably with a selling post, I have otome merch which may interest some of you. I don’t know, lately I’m just following my mood of the moment, so I can’t really tell where it will bring me…….. I hope you’ll come here anyway to see what’s going on!