It’s my blog’s 5th anniversary!

Hello everyone!

Somehow, despite a few months of struggle, I was able to reach this milestone: my blog is officially 5 years old! yay!

At some point, in July, I honestly thought it was the end of the road: I was tired, I had no free time and no energy to play otome games or write; I guess it’s what you’d call a burnout.

Maybe it’s a normal crisis that happens after a few years immersed in a hobby, or maybe it was just me; what matters, is that I managed to get out of that slump and come back, as an active member of the otome community. Kind of.

Let’s see in detail how this year went:

  • I wrote 9 reviews, which is a really low amount and I’m almost ashamed….. I’m sure I did way better in the past, but life gets in the way sometimes. I wish I could say that next year will be better for sure, but I’ll do my best.

  • I wrote 7 TOP10, despite the endless list of posts I’d like to work on, that I’ve written in my bullet journal; how could this happen??

  • I wrote 12 random posts, talking about otome games, my life and personal stuff.

Nothing stays the same forever, so I’ve made a few changes: now I write first impression posts and sometimes even opinions based on a single route, instead of expressing my feelings only in full reviews.

This was made to avoid disappearing for too long, if I’m playing something really slowly and it takes me months to complete a game; I think this kind of post could still be helpful to someone who wants just a general opinion, so why not?

I’ve also started my “Let’s talk” series, where I share my feelings and experiences in this fandom.

I still have many topics to talk about, I made a list of like 50 post ideas I want to write one day, on various topics; this includes my TOP10 too, of course.

I can’t predict where the future will lead me: every year, less and less otome games are released; I’m talking about Japan obviously, not about localisations.

But I can’t even complain, time goes by and I’m not the same person who used to complete more than 20 games in a year, I would never be able to keep up at that speed anyway.

Some of the 2021 releases were not my cup of tea, like Jack Jeanne, Parading Paradox and KimiYuki, so I skipped them; but who knows, maybe when they’ll be localised I’ll change my mind.

Sorry if you were waiting for my opinion, those reviews will probably never see the light.

My plan, as you probably know, is to buy old PsVita games I still miss, at a cheap price, and give them a chance: some will be a success, others a waste of time and money, but it’s worth a try.

I’ll tell you more about my 2022 gaming plans next month, when the moment for my usual end of the year posts will come; I hope you’ll look forward to my otome games awards and all my plans for next year! I guess you know how I love planning, of course this blog is not an exception.

I really hope we can meet again for the next anniversary.

See you!

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  1. Happy blog anniversary!! 😀
    I remember that, you commented on Twitter. You don’t have to apologize, you know. No matter what you decide to do I’ll always be your friend <3
    My blog is so dead haha I think I wrote 2 or 3 posts this year loool
    I like to share about the things I like on Twitter. I get more likes and comments there ^^''
    Anxious to see what you'll play next year 😀
    I'll write a post too, on my blog. And I'll try to play more games haha

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